the outpost

The Bellas Artes Outpost was opened in the Alley at Karravin in 2017 to create a satellite location in the heart of Manila to engage urban audiences with the art activities happening in Bataan. This non-collecting, non-selling exhibition space welcomes the public to engage with art, architecture, and design through its programming and its reading room and salon, which hosts publications from all over the world.

The Outpost aims to increase discourse between Filipino artists and audiences with the international contemporary art community. It produces four exhibitions a year and a public program that draws inspiration from the context and activities of Bellas Artes Projects in Bataan and connect audiences with the artistic processes used by the exhibiting artists.

Bellas Artes Projects was founded by Jam Acuzar and derives its primary patronage from the Acuzar family and New San Jose Builders. Artistic Director Diana Campbell Betancourt leads the foundation’s programming. Claude Mark Wilson from WeDesign designed the space.




Internationally acclaimed Polish artist Pawel Althamer (b. 1967) recently traveled to the Philippines to participate in a residency centered on the procession of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo. Coming together every January 9thin one of the world’s largest peaceful gatherings of humanity, devotees believe that touching the surface of the image of the Black Nazarene will bring about a miracle. Millions come together in the hope that their prayers will be heard. Quiapo has for centuries been one of the most diverse districts of Manila, where Catholic, Muslim, and Chinese communities co-exist in close proximity. Nazareno: Quiapo Constellations was born from this inspiring context.

PRELUDE                             CARLOS AMORALES                   FEBRUARY 10, 2017 -            March 20, 2017

The title Prelude alludes to a future act ahead and speaks to the role of sound that echoes across the artist’s diverse practice. This is the artist’s first exhibition in the Philippines, and acts as a prelude to his residency at Bellas Artes Projects in Bataan later in 2017 where he will revisit work inspired by his residency at the Atelier Calder in 2012. Calder himself was inspired by residencies in India with the Sarabhai family in the 1950s, and this history of cross-cultural exchange and its importance in contemporary society inspires the activities of Bellas Artes Projects, a non-profit initiative supported by New San Jose Builders and Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar that seeks to extend appreciation for contemporary art and heritage to new audiences.

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