Jonathas de Andrade: Viewing Room

O Caseiro (The Housekeeper, 2016) 8 min. O Caseiro features a quiet dialogue of scenes between two different moments within a singular home. On the left screen, in 1959, we follow a day in the life of the elderly writer Gilberto Freyre as he goes about his business in his aristocratic residence. On the right […]

On Filmmaking

This seminar will navigate through Ergun’s filmmaking practice, unearthing representations of communities that are not known to a greater public and the importance of ritual in such groups. Ergun’s preoccupations are based on forms of contemporary rituals and celebrations, religious or secular, through events such as national holidays, beauty contests, world fairs, and the Olympics. […]

Memory and Magma: Documents in Eruption

The Philippine Archipelago is one of the most active sites of volcanic activity. In this workshop, Raqs will take the metaphor of volcanic activity to talk about what happens when art practice enters the domain of memory and reflection. Memory and magma work subterraneously; one never knows what will trigger their sudden appearance. Raqs Media […]

Tracing Trajectories

While the common understanding of influence is that it manifests as a cause that affects something ahead, influence does not necessarily follow a linear, progressive trajectory. At times, something is influential precisely because it allows for a better understanding of the past. Hence, the importance of history: as much as it is a base to […]

Having Been Grounded: On the Power of Art Institutions

Why are structural changes at cultural institutions the best ways to address historical conundrums that affect our present condition? What kinds of contemporary artistic practices help make meaningful change possible? How does collective learning become an imperative modus operandi? These are some of the questions that informs a short presentation by Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy. […]

Slicing Lab – A Temporal Journey Through Space

“A cut and a slice is there any question when a cut and a slice are just the same. A cut and a slice has no particular exchange it has such a strange exception to all that which is different. A cut and an occasion, a slice and a substitute a single hurry and a […]