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Who we are

Founded in 2013 by patron Jam Acuzar, BAP is a private non-profit working within the active and dynamic art field of contemporary art in the Philippines. We support creative and knowledge production by local and international artists, providing a platform for experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration through our residency, exhibition, and education programs.
XT><LX; Rana Regum, Nabil Rahman, Ayesha Sultana, curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt.


BAP is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Filipino culture and connecting contemporary artists from different parts of the world. Our program brings together the artistic community through the sharing of ideas and starting conversations with diverse global perspectives. We believe collaboration is fundamental in making art accessible and useful for all.


Jam Acuzar
Inti Guerrero
Artistic Director
Fatima Manalili
Las Casas Workshop
Reynaldo Agustin
Administration Manager
Rodolfo Baguio
General Foreman
Edmar Buce
Foreman Metal Workshop
Jose ‘Ping’ Ceriola
Artist Consultant
Bong Fabon
Cesar Fadul
Foreman Woodcarving
Jordan Hernandez
Workshop Designer
Ricardo Mazo
Foreman Wood Mosaic
Gerry Ortiz
Project Manager
Renato Sale
Foreman Bricks Factory






Full time
Closing date: 31 July 2020
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Full time
Closing date: 14 June 2020
The Program Coordinator role is composed of two essential functions: the daily management and operations of the office and library and coordination support of the Foundation’s wide range of project-based activities S/he will manage the administrative workflow and supervise junior staff to ensure a productive and positive office environment. S/he will manage special projects and coordinate logistics in support of the artist residency in Bataan and public programs in Bataan and Metro Manila.

Head Office

Bellas Artes Projects
2/F Victoria Towers
Panay Avenue cor. Timog Avenue
Quezon City 1103



Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Casa Quiapo

Barangay Ibaba

Bagac Bataan



Bellas Artes Projects
2/F Victoria Towers
Panay Avenue cor. Timog Avenue
Quezon City 1103



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