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Mapping Current Contemporary Dance


Mapping Current Contemporary Dance

September 7, 2019
BAP Outpost

Course Description

This workshop will focus on discussing and mapping current contemporary dance practices both in Europe and Asia. Classes will focus on the idea of manipulating the body through understanding the relationship between internal and external time and space that exist in both environments through movement and introduces tools to explore a certain movement vocabulary that hopes to benefit the participant agency in their own practice and state of performativity. This excercise hopes to gain consciousness in engaging the entirety of the body to design architectural composition that proposes Ideal and Dystopia architecture. In turn, that this imagining transcends a certain sensation to its viewers.

The idea of creating an ideal identity will also be explored. Discussing what is “Ideal” and what is “Identity” through creating an alter-ego. To allow and manifest in our body, and to give it life.


Serafin is a graduate of Philippine High School for the Arts where he majored in Theatre Arts. He also studied in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts major in Contemporary Dance. Currently he is about to finish the training cycle in P.A.R.T.S. Belgium. He has performed in several platforms and collaborated both in Asia and Europe with different artist ranging from performance to visual arts such as: Arco Renz, Eisa Jocson, Manuel Pelmus, Bruno Isacovic, Ming Wong, Adrian Wong, Choy Ka Fai, Leeroy New, and more. His work currently deals with questions about identity, states of being, ways of inhabiting the body, and the inherent duality that manifest in his physical form and what it represents through and alter identity he has created called “Void.”
Joshua Serafin


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