Prelude Featuring Carlos Amorales

Visitors were enchanted by a score that Amorales and musician Julian Léde commissioned from the legendary Guatemalan composer and sound artist Joaquín Orellana (b. 1937), which is Orellana’s unique take on a segment from the classic Disney Film Fantasia. The short film “Orellana’s Fantasia” from 2013 registers the shadows of a performance by Orellana, who […]

Nazareno: Quiapo Constellations

Internationally acclaimed Polish artist Pawel Althamer (b. 1967) traveled to the Philippines to participate in a residency at Bellas Artes Projects that was centered on the annual procession of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo. Coming together every January 9th in one of the world’s largest peaceful gatherings of humanity, devotees believe that touching the surface […]

History Zero by Stefanos Tsivopoulos

History Zero comprises a film of three episodes alongside an archive of text and images that was originally commissioned for the Greek Pavilion of the 55th Venice Biennale. The film questions the value of money and the role it plays in the formation of human relationships by depicting the experiences of three very different people: […]

High Noon at Cagayan Garden

Cagayan Garden (2017) takes inspiration from Alfredo Aquilizan’s personal history growing up in Cagayan and his and Isabel’s artistic concerns with displacement, change, memory, and community. During their residency in Bataan, Isabel, Alfredo, and their children collected posts of antique Filipino houses that had been relocated to Bataan as part of the Las Casas Filipinas […]