Renz Baluyot

Baluyot shadowed local fishermen, in the hopes of continuing his interest on how the ramifications of WWII continues to affect our lives in present day. In Bataan, fishing is one of the main livelihoods for the locals and is one of the longest-standing traditions.

Cristina Lucas

Cristina is a multidisciplinary artist who works with installations, video works, performance, drawings, and photography with a point of interest in the mechanism of power.  She analyses principal political and economic structures, dissecting them in order to reveal the contradictions between official history, the real story, and the collective memory. 

Fernando Sanchez Castillo

Fernando works with sculpture, painting, and video. His artistic practice is linked to historiography, journalism, and the ambiguous relations between power and its propaganda, informed by intersections between social and historical events.

Tatzu Nishi

Tatzu-san is a site specific installation artist, known for his prolific body of work that involves large-scale public projects that transform our experiences of monuments, statues, and architectural details. His installation allows us intimate access to aspects of our urban environment, while radically altering our perceptions of it.

Clinton Palanca, Carlomar Arcangel Daoana, and Sarge Lacuesta

In the framework of the exhibition “High Noon At Cagayan Garden” by Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan, BAP invited writers Sarge Lacuesta, Clinton Palanca, and Carlomar Arcangel Daoana to respond to the exhibit over the course of our first writer’s retreat in Bataan with the artists.

Lucy Raven

Lucy’s body of work deploys image-making processes used in modern filmmaking, investigating its hidden labor and impact in industrial systems within a global infrastructure. During her BAP residency, Raven delved into her the labor-intensive process of bas-relief sculpting and collaborated with the wood carvers of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar to create an animated film […]

Ayesha Sultana and Nabil Rahman

Ayesha and Nabil experimented with raw and industrial materials from Las Casas workshops and created abstract expressions of their emotional engagement with the physical landscape of Bataan.

Issay Rodriguez

Issay’s residency with BAP originated her ongoing project around honey bees and their social, ethological, and spiritual interconnections by involving the audience in her tactile and sensorial participatory projects. 

Cian Dayrit

Cian focused his research into the history and mythology of the Ayta Magbukun community of Bataan, examining their position in relation to colonial and post-colonial history and their representation in ethnographic studies of these periods, in close conversation with members of the community.

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan

Alfredo and Isabel are partners and artistic collaborators, with a focus on community-based projects that inquire on the notion of place, location, mobility, and artistic canon. They created a Zen-inspired garden underneath the nipa hut houses of the Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, as an invitation to contemplate ideas of origin and dislocation.