Dance, Anthropology, and Site-Specific Projects

Fernanda Eugénio and Gustavo Ciríaco are two Brazilian artists based in Lisbon, with backgrounds in dance, anthropology, and site-specific projects. Collaborating since 2009, the artists have been traveling through different cities in South America, Europe and Asia with the nomadic and relational structure of City Labs, putting in conversation the protocols of Ethnography as Situated Performance, by […]

Mapping Current Contemporary Dance

This workshop will focus on discussing and mapping current contemporary dance practices both in Europe and Asia. Classes will focus on the idea of manipulating the body through understanding the relationship between internal and external time and space that exist in both environments through movement and introduces tools to explore a certain movement vocabulary that […]

Manila Zoo

In Disney’s empire of manufacturing “happiness,” animals and objects are anthropomorphized, formatted with US-American values and ways of being. Wherein lions are kings; monkey, cricket and fish are sidekicks to humans; teapot is a matriarchal surrogate; and zoos are utopias—all brightly constructed to keep humans self-centeredly entertained and within the empire’s global reach.  In Hong […]