Songspiels and Tragicomedies


It ties the parallels of historical oppression in the Philippines within a global discourse. Songspiels and Tragicomedies is an exhibition featuring the collective Chto Delat (Russia) and Alfredo Esquillo (Philippines). Curated by BAP’s Artistic Director Inti Guerrero, this exhibition of absurd tragicomedies associates two formally distinctive practices that nevertheless each engage with the idiom of […]

Internal Properties of the Earth

It presents videos and photographs stemming from Raven’s exploration of the American landscape through its analog and wireless connections to global networks of labor and material extraction. Internal Properties of the Earth is American artist Lucy Raven’s first solo exhibition in Asia. The exhibition presents ten years of work that stem from Raven’s longstanding exploration […]

Fairest of the Fair

It unpacks the layers of colonial history in the Philippines and its continued presence in modern geopolitics, society, and consciousness. Bellas Artes Projects proudly presents Fairest of the Fair, a group exhibition with works by Pio Abad (Philippines/UK) and Frances Wadsworth Jones (UK), Analivia Cordeiro (Brazil), Köken Ergun (Turkey), Jose Enrique Soriano (Philippines), and vintage photographs from the Mario Feir Filipiniana Library (Philippines). The exhibition looks […]